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Quality Assurance of Several Concurrent Projects

07/01/2020 | Brian Theisen

Quality stems from design, processes and culture. It can't be "tested in" to a product or process. The quality assurance (QA) team leads the charge to ensure design, manufacturing process, and culture is capable and the product is reproducible. The new part production approval process (PPAP) requires several steps and lots of effort from the QA team. Running several concurrent new projects compounds this effort and shows the teams true capability. 


G-Code and M-Code: What Do They Mean In CNC Machining?

05/21/2020 | Dan Karbon and Tom Herr

G-code is the programming language used to control CNC machinery. A program is a sequence of codes and data that tells the machine what to do. The programmed codes, along with the right tooling in a CNC machine center, allow for correct and repeatable part manufacturing. G-code makes CNC machines consistent to program and flexible, able to produce different parts.


How Does a Precision CNC Machine Shop Tackle New Work?

05/06/2020 | Jason Schuh

Not every CNC machine shop is the same. That may sound like typical “marketing speak,” but it really makes a difference, especially when it comes to taking on new work.

Some shops are content with machining what they know and handling familiar project types and quantities. Their work is solid, and they create a fine, safe business.


CNC Machine Training: Strategies, Schedules, and Success

04/21/2020 | Steve Johnsen

Pre-programmed computer software dictates the movements of a milling machine, lathe, robot, or other types of machines. Precision can be incredible — cutting to 0.001” or about 1/4 the width of a human hair — and their repeatability makes CNC machining so efficient.

That complexity may intimidate someone unfamiliar with CNC machine operations, but it shouldn’t. Expert CNC machine training can quickly get a new operator up to speed, producing precise and valuable machined parts and components.


CNC Machining Centers Are Key to Production Efficiency

03/04/2020 | Matt Oswald

Efficiency is king in production manufacturing. CNC machines are a major tool for automating production of mechanical parts to increase throughput with consistent quality. CNC machine centers play a critical role in machine shop’s efficiency. 


2020 CNC Machining Industry Outlook: Customers, Market, Technology, & People

02/05/2020 | Brad Kurtzweil

Involved in the CNC machining market? Take a quick look at our CNC machining industry outlook for 2020.


What Factors Impact CNC Machined Part Costs?

01/08/2020 | Brad Kurtzweil

Different types of CNC machines, and their various processes, handle different custom machining projects. That’s not exactly breaking news. Yet, what may be unclear is what major factors impact the cost of machined parts?

While this article provides some answers, it also explores what your next step may be when a project requires CNC machining. Specifically, we’ll explain some CNC machining cost tradeoffs.


6 Questions to Find a Great CNC Machining Partner

10/16/2019 | Scott Waak

You’re not asking for much, are you — just reliable parts and products that ultimately make customers happy. Simple!

What’s not so simple is finding the right CNC machine shop. The perfect partner that understands your needs, has the right capabilities and proper certifications, goes the extra mile when you need it most, and keeps its pencils sharp so prices remain consistently competitive.

Let’s explore what an ideal CNC machine manufacturing company looks (and acts) like. The easiest way is to explore the six most important questions you should be asking when evaluating a potential partner. Ready?


What Does a CNC Operator Do?

09/24/2019 | Rob Schmitt

The metalworking industry needs more qualified CNC operators. This rewarding career requires a broad skill set —math, mechanical design, interpreting technical drawings and programs, eye for detail — to properly transform a metal casting into a valuable working machined part. It’s a unique fusion of digital and physical, brains and hands-on work. Before taking a look at a typical fast-paced day, let’s explore what a CNC machine actually is.


How to Choose the Right CNC Machine Tools for Complex Parts

07/02/2019 | Tom Sprang

Today’s world demands the accuracy of CNC machine tools and experienced operators. Of course, machine shops vary in their skill levels and abilities to take on complex parts. So, here are 3 quick signs that a shop lives and breathes complex parts: