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2024 Trends in CNC Machining: Know These 9 and Drive Success Next Year

12/29/2023 | Brad Kurtzweil

While new technological innovations are introduced every year, major changes in CNC machining are not common. If you keep your eyes open, though, you’ll see shifts that can turn into trends in CNC machining.


What Factors Impact CNC Machined Part Costs?

10/19/2023 | Brad Kurtzweil

Different types of CNC machines, and their various processes, handle different custom machining projects. That’s not exactly breaking news. Yet, what may be unclear is which major factors impact machine parts cost.


22 CNC Machining KPIs You Should Really Care About

06/08/2023 | Brad Kurtzweil

In the world of CNC machining, precise measurements are what we do, often to .001”.

Yet, there’s another form of measuring going on, or at least there should be: measuring performance. Manufacturing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) help businesses evaluate performance in order to make strategic adjustments.

With so many possible KPIs to use, trying to fully understand them can leave your head spinning faster than a PCD insert in a 90° square shoulder face mill (a little CNC machining humor for you). So, this article is an attempt to simplify KPIs by providing an overview of them, not a deep dive.


A Step-by-Step Guide to the RFQ Process & Choosing the Right CNC Machine Shop

05/22/2023 | Brad Kurtzweil

Do you rely on the RFQ process to get accurate quotes from your CNC machining partners? This vital process not only results in a quote (as well as details into timelines, capabilities, machining techniques, external services, and more), it serves as a guide after the work has been awarded.


CNC Machining in 2021: Marketplace, Technology, People, & COVID-19

02/09/2021 | Brad Kurtzweil

A year ago, I shared my thoughts on what 2020 would look like in the CNC machining industry. Sure, some of those predictions did happen, but a global pandemic turned many things upside down.


2020 CNC Machining Industry Outlook: Customers, Market, Technology, & People

02/05/2020 | Brad Kurtzweil

Involved in the CNC machining market? Take a quick look at our CNC machining industry outlook for 2020.


Stecker Machine Company Expands Facility to Meet Customer Machining and Assembly Needs

07/26/2019 | Brad Kurtzweil

Stecker Machine Company, IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 certified, high-precision CNC machining company, recently completed a 77,700-square-foot addition to the company’s second facility to meet growing customer demand for high-quality, accurate machining and assembly. The Butler® pre-engineered steel structure was constructed by Manitowoc’s A.C.E. Building Service, the project’s design and build contractor.