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Challenge. Growth.
Connection. Respect.


Our people have made Stecker Machine a strong, proven, and growing manufacturing company for 50 years! We attract talented, motivated individuals by offering top-end benefits, on-the-job training, a comfortable work environment (air conditioning everywhere), and a true path to career success.

Whether you're looking for machinist jobs in Manitowoc, WI, or another position within our two CNC machining plants, enjoy scheduling options:

8 hours × 5 days/week


10 hours × 4 days/week

  • 1st, 2nd, or 3rd shift
  • Weekend shift, 5am to 5pm on Fri, Sat, Sun
  • Voluntary overtime
  • 20-minute lunch break is paid! (which also shortens time at work by 30 minutes/shift)
  • Shift premiums (+8% of pay) for 2nd and 3rd shift (for example, an employee making $25/hour gets $2.00/hour additional)

Watch why YOU belong at Stecker Machine!

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WATCH: Why Become a CNC Operator?

WATCH: Why Work Off Shifts?

WATCH: Make Things That Matter

Benefits are Yours

Stecker provides superior benefits, including great health insurance (low employee costs; high coverage) to keep employees happy and healthy.


  • 401 (k) with dollar-for-dollar company match on first 5% contributions
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution
  • Company-paid life insurance
  • Vacation (we all need it!)
  • Holiday pay
  • Sign-on bonus for plant employees
  • Gym membership reimbursements
  • Voluntary short-term disability
  • Continuing education program and onsite training
  • Rural setting with fresh air, outdoor space, and walking path
  • Employee well-being services
  • Online apparel store
  • Machine readable health coverage files are published here on our behalf

We're a "Top Shop," and here's the proof!

Recognized as a 2022 and 2023 Top Shop by Modern Machine Shop for "shopfloor practices & performance," Stecker puts a premium on people and training programs that maximize our best-in-class equipment, including CNC machining centers and robotics. Plus, we're adding gear/spline cutting capabilities this year. Join a winner. Join Stecker!

Got 2 minutes? See how Manufacturing Marvels® describes Stecker:

WATCH: Manufacturing Marvels® on Stecker

More Benefits!

Stecker is family-owned and knows that our success depends on hiring outstanding people, treating them like family, maintaining a caring culture, and keeping a work/life balance. This is the reason why all of our overtime is voluntary.

Here are two more reasons to consider Stecker, the safety bonus and the adopt-a-highway program:

2023 Safetv Bonus Increase We care about your safety and are increasing the annual safety reimbursement from $50 to $100 (with no rollover).
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See how Stecker makes you feel like part of the family.

What employees say about Stecker

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"Appreciate all the training here. Way more training than in my past 2 jobs combined.

"Top-notch work environment, staff, and teamwork"

"Great supervision and ease of machines"

"Everyone is friendly, and production and office employees have a lot of interaction ... SMC is an outstanding place for someone that interacts well with others and wants to learn"

"Coworkers are very welcoming and willing to help"

"The plant manager, my supervisor, lead man, and others encourage and enable me to do my best and deliver high quality parts to our customers."