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Case Studies

Stecker machine case study magazine cover with machined parts

Turnkey Clutch Housing Cell Development

Learn more about the impressive results Stecker achieved for a customer with a challenge involving extremely tight tolerances and complex parts by developing a new work cell that incorporates robots and a synced CMM.

Download the case study to hear straight from the Stecker team about the issues they faced and the actions they took to delight the customer.

Stecker machine case study magazine cover with machined parts

OEM Manufacturer Sees $4 Million Savings

A Fortune 500 OEM manufacturer came to us because their long-standing vendor wasn’t delivering on expectations.

Turns out, it was a great decision: our team worked 24/7 to get the part made so that the customer’s production line didn’t stop, and we did it in such a way that the manufacturer achieves a $4 million savings.

Stecker machine case study magazine cover with oil wells

A Long-Time Partner Looks to Stecker Machine

Decades of success can naturally build trust. For Stecker Machine, one long-term relationship offered a unique project challenge.

A Fortune 500 construction equipment manufacturer was suffering from a different supplier’s inferior quality. They sent an urgent request to Stecker’s partner, a foundry that makes aluminum and copper-based alloy castings. They made only one call to get a quote: directly to Stecker.



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Implementing Lean into Daily Practices

Achieving the benefits of lean manufacturing aren’t easy in a machine shop environment, but it’s possible — even without a formal lean program — and worth the effort.

Read an overview of lean and get actionable insights by reading Stecker’s eBook: The Benefits of Lean Manufacturing in Machine Shops.

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Maximize Your CNC Tooling Practices

See how Stecker Machine approaches CNC tooling: know what tool is needed, when to invest in tools, how to implement new tooling solutions, and how to build vendor partnerships.

Plus, dive into four real-life cutting tool improvement examples from our shop. Read our guide: CNC Tooling Improvements and Partnerships: A Guide to Solving Specific Tooling Issues.



Value added services checklist

Simpler processes. Shorter lead times. Better communication.

In addition to providing precise, high-quality machining, your machining partner should offer in-house, value added services that save you critical time and prevent headaches managing different vendor relationships.

Download our checklist and see how a true partnership provides extra benefits, sets you apart, and makes life better.

When do you know its time to work with a high-end CNC machine shop guide

Discover When It’s Time to Work with a CNC Machine Shop

What projects can benefit most from the expertise of a high-end CNC machine shop? This guide provides nine scenarios and solutions, each hitting on a different challenge you may be facing.

Read our guide: When Do You Know It’s Time to Work With a High-End CNC Machine Shop?