What People Say About Us

“Stecker Machine has truly been a strategic partner to work with over the course of our relationship. The people at Stecker are hardworking and have a lot of pride in the work they do. They have been instrumental in many key projects we have worked on over the years, helping with redesign for manufacturability and always diving a step deeper to understand the root of an issue to ensure the issue at hand gets resolved.”


Purchasing Manager

OEM Company

Industrial Equipment

 Every part that goes into a piece of industrial equipment has potential to affect its performance, and that’s why these manufacturers have peace of mind when working with Stecker.

Featured Industrial Project


 From brackets to brake housing, major manufacturers in the ag industry rely on Stecker’s engineering, assembly and value-added services.

Featured Agriculture Project

Auto & On-highway

We meet the unique demands for auto and on-highway vehicle manufacturers with precision parts that meet and exceed strict regulations.

Featured Auto & On Highway Project

Construction & Off-highway

Performance and durability: that’s what customers in this industry are looking for, and why they look to Stecker when they need parts and assembly.

Featured Construction & Off Highway Project

Recreation & Consumer Goods

We do a wide range of work in these industries – everything from small, short-run parts to precision parts in large volumes.

Featured Recreational & Consumer Project