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The Facts Behind Many CNC Machining Misconceptions

11/02/2021 | Ken Jones

A computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine controls tools, such as a lathe or mill, using a computer program to achieve incredible precision. Just about all industries rely on these custom machined parts and have been for decades. Yet, there are still some myths that give people the wrong impression about CNC machining.


Top 5 Benefits of Strong CNC Machine Shop Vendor Relationships

04/28/2021 | Ken Jones

Solid client-vendor relationships are vital for any company. So much depends on them: quality, customer service, efficiencies, low costs, supply chain integration, future growth, and much more. Not having them invites miscommunication, contentiousness, quality issues, and missed deadlines. In fact, organizations should nurture vendor relationships similarly to how they focus on customer loyalty. 


6 Qualities to Look for When Selecting a CNC Machining Supplier

05/29/2019 | Ken Jones

A CNC machine parts supplier —the right supplier—can provide an incredible spark to your organization, both in terms of work produced and team spirit. Consider all these advantages:

  • Enhance your environment (completed work feels great and is good for business)
  • Improve attitudes (overworked and stressed staff are no fun to be around)
  • Boost responsiveness (all of your customers can receive top-level attention)
  • Reduce costs (low quotes may help a vendor get a foot in the door)
  • And the ultimate: save money!