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Sustainability in Manufacturing: Is Your CNC Machine Shop Meeting Your Expectations?

06/10/2024 | Scott Waak

Sustainability has become a crucial part of nearly every industry, and manufacturing is no exception.


How to Harness the Power of a Technical Sales Process in a CNC Machine Shop

12/15/2023 | Scott Waak

Modern CNC machine shops have a choice to make. They can approach sales as just another part of doing business, or they can do more to stand out.


6 Vital Questions for Finding a Great CNC Machining Partner

10/26/2023 | Scott Waak

You’re not asking for much. Reliable CNC machined parts and products that make customers happy. Simple, right?


Working With CNC Manufacturing Robotics: A Threat or a Perfect Fit?

10/11/2022 | Scott Waak

Automation is here to stay.

While the overall labor shortage is forcing the hand of manufacturers that haven’t yet embraced automation, those that know it consider automation to be a manufacturing advantage.

Previously, we shared “Tips for Using Industrial Robotics in a CNC Machine Shop,” which covered various aspects of using robotics: robot functions, programming, and the best ways that a shop can use robots.


OEM Purchasing Managers: CNC Parts Manufacturing, a Partner Relationship is Key

07/27/2022 | Scott Waak

OEM Purchasing Managers call the shots.

Rarely are those shots based solely on price, even though the responsibilities of a Purchasing Manager surely include exploring cost savings. The services provided by suppliers — including CNC parts manufacturing — are judged by their overall value.

Think about it: A low price is quickly forgotten if part quality is poor or if the delivery is botched. And nearly instantly, confidence is shot, trust is lost, and the future is uncertain … a place no one wants to be.

Let’s explore the real value of a trusted relationship when it comes to CNC parts manufacturing, and uncover what customers really need from a CNC machine shop to be successful.


CNC Machine Parts Photo Gallery Celebrates Precision Manufacturing

02/09/2022 | Scott Waak

A new parent couldn’t be more proud to share the first photos of a newborn child. You’ve seen social media blow up and the comments come rolling in: “what a cutie!” “he’s got your eyes” “she’s perfect ❤️”

For those who live and breathe CNC machine parts, they feel that excitement nearly every day. Okay, the work created by a CNC machine may not reach a baby’s “wonder of nature” status, but it’s not far off for those in precision manufacturing. And, boy, do we love pictures!

CNC machine shops never tire of adding photos to their websites, showing off to the world what incredible parts they’re capable of making. Stecker Machine is no different. We’re proud of our work, and we want everyone to know it! So, you’re invited to view our CNC Machining Photo Gallery, a collection of CNC machined parts and projects.


5 Ways CNC Precision Machining Can Make or Break Quality and Performance

04/13/2021 | Scott Waak

When it comes to high-quality machining, precision is the key to part quality. And the key to making that process cost-effective is repeatability, so every part can be counted on to perform as expected.


7 “Must Have” People For Your CNC Machine Shop Team

03/03/2021 | Scott Waak

The precision of a CNC machine is incredibly impressive: cutting to 0.001” (about 1/4 the width of a human hair). That capability may lead those unfamiliar with CNC machining to assume that it is advanced equipment that makes a CNC machine shop perform well.

Not so fast! There’s complexity within a CNC machine shop’s processes that requires dozens of people working in unison. In fact, we recently celebrated how the skilled people within a CNC machine shop really make the difference in meeting customers’ needs and consistently exceeding their expectations.

When it comes down to it, no member of a CNC machine shop team falls short of “must have” status. Most high-end shops run lean and efficiently, with each employee contributing to the shop’s success in important, but different, ways. Let’s take a look!