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CNC Machine Parts Photo Gallery Celebrates Precision Manufacturing

02/09/2022 | Scott Waak

A new parent couldn’t be more proud to share the first photos of a newborn child. You’ve seen social media blow up and the comments come rolling in: “what a cutie!” “he’s got your eyes” “she’s perfect ❤️”

For those who live and breathe CNC machine parts, they feel that excitement nearly every day. Okay, the work created by a CNC machine may not reach a baby’s “wonder of nature” status, but it’s not far off for those in precision manufacturing. And, boy, do we love pictures!

CNC machine shops never tire of adding photos to their websites, showing off to the world what incredible parts they’re capable of making. Stecker Machine is no different. We’re proud of our work, and we want everyone to know it! So, you’re invited to view our CNC Machining Photo Gallery, a collection of CNC machined parts and projects.

Pardon Us as We Brag

This article features some of our favorites. This is a small sampling from the wide variety of high-quality parts that Stecker machines for numerous industries. Plus, there’s a brief description of each along and a special area of interest (perhaps its size, type of material, or complexity).

As you’ll see, we love a challenge. Complex parts that other shops can’t machine properly are welcomed at Stecker. Sure, we handle everyday needs, too, but what you’ll see here are the tough ones. Our collaboration with many of these customers created efficient DFM (design for manufacturability), which minimized costs and simplified how the new part was produced.

Check back often. Our Photo Gallery is regularly being updated with recent projects. And, if you want to discuss your next CNC machining project (and get featured in our gallery) contact Stecker today.

Valve Body Manifold

Trans Valve Body Manifold CNC Machining

These valve bodies were developed (bar stock → sand cast prototype → high pressure die casting) through collaboration with the customer to achieve tight tolerances, pass tough leak test requirements, and meet stringent porosity requirements.

Special area of interest: For this part, Stecker manages the foundry and the sub-tier supplier relationships. 


Venturi CNC Precision Machining Part

Designed for emissions control in a diesel engine, this venturi is die cast from a special aluminum alloy to provide superior corrosion resistance. Stecker collaborated with our customer to develop this part. It was previously a stainless steel casting. The new design is more manufacturing friendly and costs less, yielding a better functioning part and fewer quality issues.

Special area of interest: After initial development, this part was adapted and used within many other engine sizes.

Auto Engine Supercharger

Auto Engine Supercharger CNC Machined

Machining the most powerful supercharger available for Hemi engines (up to 2,000 hp) provided a number of challenges. A few of these include holding very tight diameter and positional tolerances and working through ways to relieve stress in the castings to prevent added operations, keeping costs down.

Special area of interest: Stecker engineers worked with tooling suppliers to design specialty cut tooling that satisfied the print requirements.

Transmission Case


The previous supplier of this fracking pump transmission housing was unable to provide leak-free machined castings. Along with a tight timeline, a 1,000-gallon vessel for pressure testing was designed and fabricated, in addition to the required complicated machine tooling.

Special area of interest: Not only were the machining requirements complex, the part size (300 pounds) was challenging.

End Bell Housing

End Bell Housing CNC Machining Part

This machined end bell housing for heavy- and medium-duty truck electric axles is the result of design for manufacturability (DFM) collaboration between the customer and Stecker. Challenges included meeting leak test requirements and both tight diameter and positional tolerances.

Special area of interest: A hardened steel insert cast directly into the part provided a challenge to both the casting and machining processes.

Carrier Planetary

Carrier Planetary Machine Part

For this planetary carrier within 9-speed truck transmissions, Stecker engineers worked with toolmakers to design specialty cut tooling and processes to meet tight tolerances as well as internal and external spline requirements.

Special area of interest: This involved complex machining: multiple operations utilizing numerous CNC machines and post-machining processes.

Thank you for letting the proud Stecker engineers share our accomplishments. Visit our Photo Gallery.

Want to see CNC machining and true precision in action? Watch our 2-minute video (visit this page and scroll down). And, when you’re ready to discuss your next challenging CNC machining project, contact Stecker.


Scott Waak

About the Author

Scott pushes Stecker Machine forward. He brings a hands-on approach to a dual role of Sales Account and Customer Service Manager. Scott has over 25 years of experience in the CNC machining industry, starting as a Machinist, and advancing to his current roles. He credits his success to hard work, dedication to manufacturing, and a drive for excellence.

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