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2024 Trends in CNC Machining: Know These 9 and Drive Success Next Year

12/29/2023 | Brad Kurtzweil

While new technological innovations are introduced every year, major changes in CNC machining are not common. If you keep your eyes open, though, you’ll see shifts that can turn into trends in CNC machining.


How to Harness the Power of a Technical Sales Process in a CNC Machine Shop

12/15/2023 | Scott Waak

Modern CNC machine shops have a choice to make. They can approach sales as just another part of doing business, or they can do more to stand out.


5 Tips for Successfully Handling Manufacturing Design Changes

12/01/2023 | Jason Schuh

Design changes. They are an inevitable part of manufacturing, yet they can aggravate even the most experienced parts manufacturer.

Design changes are notorious for adding time, headaches, and unplanned dollars to a project. They’ve also been known to sabotage solid business relationships. But, with the right approach, you can implement manufacturing design changes smoothly and cost-effectively.


CNC Machine Shop: A 5-Step Guide to Inventory Management Efficiency

11/16/2023 | Matt Oswald

What is nightmare fuel for machine shop production managers? Machine downtime.


12 Considerations for a Career in CNC Machining

11/02/2023 | Matt Oswald

According toFlexJobs’ 2023 Spring Work Insights Survey, 58% of employed workers said they’re actively trying to make a career change. That's a huge number!

Why a career change for these jobseekers? Well, #2 on a long list was “higher pay” at 48% (slightly ahead was “remote work options” at 50%). 

So, changing careers isn’t all about money; it’s also about work flexibility, work/life balance, job satisfaction, workplace leadership, a new life philosophy, or working in a field that benefits the world.


6 Vital Questions for Finding a Great CNC Machining Partner

10/26/2023 | Scott Waak

You’re not asking for much. Reliable CNC machined parts and products that make customers happy. Simple, right?


What Factors Impact CNC Machined Part Costs?

10/19/2023 | Brad Kurtzweil

Different types of CNC machines, and their various processes, handle different custom machining projects. That’s not exactly breaking news. Yet, what may be unclear is which major factors impact machine parts cost.


CNC Machining Insights: Top 6 Benefits of Machine Shop Vendor Relationships

10/05/2023 | Ken Jones

Solid client-vendor relationships are vital to any company’s success. So much is on the line: quality, customer service, efficiencies, low costs, supply chain integration, future growth, and much more.

A poor relationship invites miscommunication, contentiousness, quality issues, and missed deadlines. In fact, organizations should nurture vendor relationships similarly to how they focus on customer loyalty.


CNC Machine Tools: Choose Wisely for Complex Parts

09/28/2023 | Tom Sprang

Each CNC machine shop must have similar capabilities to other shops, right? Not at all! They do vary in their skill levels and abilities to take on complex parts. That extreme precision demands the accuracy of CNC machine tools, along with experienced operators.


4 Ways Top CNC Machine Shops Tackle New Work

09/11/2023 | Jason Schuh

Every CNC machine shop is different. No surprise, right? Yet, what telltale signs distinguish one from another? Here’s a pro tip …

Study how they approach new work — from acquiring it to delivering it — throughout the organization.

Some CNC machine shops are content with machining what they know and handling familiar project types and quantities. Their work is solid, and they’ve built a fine, safe business.