Does your current work leave you feeling bored and unchallenged?

Restore your sense of accomplishment. Take pride in learning CNC machining and do the EXCITING type of BORING. Run machines that bore holes to precision that splits hairs. Join the cutting edge CNC manufacturing, where we make "boring" fun.

No Experience Needed

Are you new to manufacturing? That is no problem. We'll train you on the job. Your first week, you'll get in classroom training combined with on the job training. Our training and support staff will set you up for success. 

What do CNC operators do?

Our operators run CNC Machining Centers that cut metal castings with precise tolerances.

  • Load and unload cast metal parts in the CNC machine.
  • Audit check parts using a variety of gauges.
  • Monitor, inspect, and change tooling.

What is expected of all employees?

  • Good attendance
  • Safety first  
  • Maintain clean and organize work area 
  • Voice your suggestions

Step up to a challenging CNC Career and you can earn $1,000,000 over the next 20 years. Jon Stecker and manufacture a long-term fulfilling career. 



Stecker Machine is a world-class CNC Machine Shop. We manufacture parts for big customers. Stecker parts are used in marketing leading trucks, tractors, and other equipment. We have a proven track record of growth in sales and internal career development. We're known as the nice guys in manufacturing.



We encourage upward growth. Many Stecker supervisors and/or engineers started as machinists. We want employees to be in the roles that give them the greatest satisfaction and at the same time challenge their thinking.



We embrace new technologies to optimize areas throughout the organization – and give employees the opportunity to learn and use them. Not only do these technologies improve how we do our jobs, but they improve the value we deliver to our customers.



As a family-owned company, we understand our success is dependent on hiring good people and treating them like family while maintaining a positive, caring culture with a great work-life balance. This is the reason why all of our overtime is on a voluntary basis.



We continually reward and recognize contributions and accomplishments – because we know that our greatest ASSET is our PEOPLE.


Apply Now!

Thank you for your interest in a position with Stecker Machine. Please complete this application carefully. Provide all information requested. Answer all questions accurately and honestly. Incomplete or inaccurate applications cannot be considered.