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How to Learn CNC Machining: From School to the Shop Floor

04/18/2024 | Matt Oswald

CNC (computer numerical control) machining has revolutionized the manufacturing industry, empowering the production of precise, complex parts with unparalleled efficiency. As intimidating as that may sound, it’s not. There are various paths to learning and, eventually, mastering CNC machining.

We’ll explore how to learn CNC machining (gaining knowledge and experience), from traditional education to hands-on training.


AI in CNC Machining: How Are Robotics & Automation Shaping the Future of CNC Machine Shops

03/11/2024 | Matt Oswald

AI in CNC machining — that is, using artificial intelligence within the CNC machining process — feels natural, doesn’t it?

CNC machines by definition are computer numerically controlled, allowing for rapid production of incredibly precise parts, with their impact being felt throughout so many industries.


The Keys to Manufacturing Automation & Robotics in CNC Machining

02/05/2024 | Matt Oswald

Most modern manufacturers are dealing with a new norm: fewer skilled humans to handle rising production demands. The only way to succeed is by automating production processes to save time, achieve desired results, and reduce errors.


CNC Machine Shop: A 5-Step Guide to Inventory Management Efficiency

11/16/2023 | Matt Oswald

What is nightmare fuel for machine shop production managers? Machine downtime.


12 Considerations for a Career in CNC Machining

11/02/2023 | Matt Oswald

According toFlexJobs’ 2023 Spring Work Insights Survey, 58% of employed workers said they’re actively trying to make a career change. That's a huge number!

Why a career change for these jobseekers? Well, #2 on a long list was “higher pay” at 48% (slightly ahead was “remote work options” at 50%). 

So, changing careers isn’t all about money; it’s also about work flexibility, work/life balance, job satisfaction, workplace leadership, a new life philosophy, or working in a field that benefits the world.


CNC Robotics: Top 5 Tips for Using Machining Robotics in a CNC Machine Shop

08/17/2023 | Matt Oswald

At some point, we all need some help with the heavy lifting.

For CNC machine shops, that can mean robots to lift, position, and pack metal castings, some weighing hundreds of pounds. It also means less physical and mental stress on employees, the most valued asset of any machine shop.

Working alongside a robot can improve operator productivity by taking on repetitive, physically demanding work. CNC robotics increase speed, enhance efficiency, and drive repeatability, which leads to better quality.


What Is the Most Powerful Tool in CNC Machine Shops?

08/02/2023 | Matt Oswald

The highly automated equipment and robots in a  CNC machine shop are impressive, and often their “flash” initially attracts customers. It’s certainly understandable, but that initial attraction rarely converts one-time customers into long-term partners.

Instead, it’s the skilled CNC machine operatorswho make the difference. The team takes your shop and customer relationships from good to great by dedicating their time and talents to meeting customers' needs and going above and beyond their expectations.


Stecker Machine Company Celebrates 50 Years of CNC Precision Machining

07/07/2023 | Matt Oswald

It’s a classic American tale of hard work and enduring success.

What started as a tool and die shop in a garage has evolved into a world-class CNC precision machining operation recognized globally for its excellence.

And this year, Stecker Machine Company celebrates 50 years in business.


Quality Control For CNC Machining: What Is A QMS? Why Is It So Important?

01/31/2023 | Matt Oswald

We’ve said it before, and we’ll continue to say it: Quality is everything in CNC machining.

It’s the reason why manufacturers use CNC machining to produce precise parts. Of course, every CNC machine shop will say that they highly value quality and meet quality requirements. But, how do you know for sure?


Celebrating Custom CNC Machining: 3 Cool CNC Machined Parts Made By Stecker

11/30/2022 | Matt Oswald

Stecker Machine is proud to be a leader in the incredible CNC machining industry, and we occasionally — and humbly — toot our own horn. However, today’s topic is a tough one: selecting just three CNC machined parts to talk about.

With nearly 50 years of custom CNC machining success to consider, this is tougher than choosing a favorite child. They’re all precious (in their own ways, of course).