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Company Culture: 4 Ways to Build and Maintain a Great One in 2020

12/18/2019 | Matt Oswald


Music throughout the shop.

After-hours social outings.

Holiday potlucks and company parties.

Is this what a great company culture looks like? True company culture actually goes deeper than that. Or at least it should.

Company culture is the personality of a company. It really defines the environment in which employees work.

What may have passed for a great company culture a few years ago isn’t going to cut it as we move into 2020. A desirable company culture that cultivates dedicated employees takes more than small perks, job stability, and competitive wages and benefits.

To ensure a company is investing in its culture, it must make certain that employees share a sense of purpose; including an environment in which they can learn and where employees feel they belong.

Let’s explore four ways that Stecker Machine approaches company culture and how it affects productivity and happiness.

So, how does a modern machine shop create a great culture?

#1: Focus on the Big Picture

At Stecker Machine, we make sure our employees know they play a huge part in the long-term success of our company. They’re not only well informed of how the company is doing (financially and with new business), they know how their daily contributions and feedback pave the way for a better Stecker Machine.

This “big picture” approach is always backed by employee- and customer-focused corporate values.

#2: Share the Success

Since Stecker employees mean so much to our achievements, we make sure they’re able to benefit from the company’s success. A profit-sharing plan that includes all employees sends the message that we’re in this together, and we’re all working on the same team.

Each employee really has the same goals and is rewarded equivalently for their part in the overall company.  We are all part of the shared purpose.

#3: Grow (as Individuals and as a Team)

Not only do employees know they’re a valued part of the Stecker Machine team, they know we want them to grow with us. That means we need to provide a culture that encourages development and learning, so we offer learning and development at all levels of the organization.

  • Want more secondary education? We offer leadership development as well as tuition reimbursement in those areas.
  • Want more in-house training? After receiving feedback from employee self-evaluations, we create a learning plan for on-site classes. Some classes are taught by professors from local colleges/universities and customized for our company. Other classes are taught by our subject matter experts within Stecker.
  • Want off-site classes? We send select employees to off-site classes to gain advanced training in specific fields. We want to ensure to educate and challenge our employees to so they’re the best they can be.

#4: Offer Team Time

So, employees feel like an important part of the company’s success, they’re involved in our profit-sharing plan, and they have the opportunity to learn new skills. That’s a good company culture, right? Well, not exactly.

People are far more likely to enjoy their job when they feel like they fit in; when their personal values are consistent with those in the workplace. This is why we offer participation on a variety of teams and activities that stay true to our core values.

Employees can be part of our wellness team or our safety team. They can enjoy time with their coworkers during our company golf outing or at the holiday party. At all times, we encourage team-building to grow a sense of belonging.

Company culture in 2020

When it comes to company culture, we think Stecker stacks up pretty well. We strive to ensure our employees feel they’re part of the team as well as secure in the fact they have what they need to do their job to the best of their abilities.

From reinvesting in technology that makes tasks easier to promoting from within whenever possible, the expectation at Stecker is to advance employees’ skill sets and careers. We want every employee to see Stecker as a family that boosts their long-term career, not just a short-term job.

This brief video provides some details on benefits and shares our company culture.

That said, we’re always looking for ways to improve company culture because what people need is constantly changing. For 2020, we’re investing more than ever in our people, which includes reinforcing our values and building our culture.

At the end of the day, company culture is really about people; their interaction, involvement, and passion. Even within a highly technical and automation-heavy business like a machine shop, people are the most powerful tool in the building.

If an empowering culture and family ownership sound interesting, we encourage you to explore a career at Stecker Machine. Contact us today!

Matt Oswald

About the Author

Matt leads Stecker Machine Company's Marketing and Human Resources Manager. He has worked for Stecker Machine for over 6 years on projects spanning CNC manufacturing, robotics, inbound marketing, and leadership. He has 14 years of electrical engineering R&D experience, and he enjoys applying an engineering approach to any project. Matt and his wife Karen are part owners of Stecker Machine Company.