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How Are CNC Fixtures the Key to CNC Machine Operators’ Success?

11/30/2020 | Dave Orth

No one appreciates having “the right tool for the job” more than CNC machine operators. Yet, in order for any tool to do its job properly, the right CNC fixture (also called a CNC workholding fixture) has to secure and stabilize whatever piece is being worked on during CNC machining.

Fixturing is complex and can be quite challenging. Engineers who love tough tasks embrace the challenge, knowing how important fixturing is in CNC machining. In addition to expert engineering, making reliable CNC fixtures also requires some science, a bit of art, and solid teamwork.

Stecker Machine designs CNC fixtures following a process developed from decades of experience incorporating critical attention to detail. Our CNC fixture engineering process goes beyond designing with CAD tools like Solidworks, ProEngineer, or AutoCAD.