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What is G-Code? What is M-Code? What Do They Mean in CNC Machining?

07/13/2021 | Dan Karbon and Tom Herr

As its name clearly states, CNC (computer numerical control) is automated control of machining tools using a computer. Yet, that doesn’t just happen; it requires the right coded programmed instruction.

So, what is G-code? What is M-code? And how do G-code and M-code programming actually work? This article explains each one, but first let’s touch on what programming actually is.


What is CNC Programming? How are CNC Machines Programmed to Accurately Machine Complex Parts?

05/25/2021 | Dan Karbon and Tom Herr

There’s no arguing: CNC machines are incredibly accurate. Their ability to precision cut ¼ the width of a human hair (0.001”), makes them essential in any modern machine shop.