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4 Takeaways from ISO/IATF Audit

09/14/2020 | Brian Theisen

Product quality can make or break a company. Stecker Machine's growth is largely attributed to our customer focus and commitment to quality. We explore four key takeaways from our recent ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 Quality Surveillance Audit. 

1. Driven Company Goals Align with Quality 

Customer satisfaction is Stecker Machine's main driver, and our quality team pushes in this direction. Top management fosters a customer first commitment with all employees. Quality Assurance works with top management to define processes in line with goals. We all strive for zero defects and 100% on-time delivery. Processes and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) tie to company goals, and are continually assessed. Aligning quality and company goals squarely on customer satisfaction aims our entire company at the same target. 

2. Robust Processes Developed by Continuous Improvement

Process robustness is key to execution and quality. When a process yields positive results reliably and repeatably people buy-in and follow it. Teams follow working processes happily without question. However, when processes are hard to follow, gaps appear and goals are missed. Often quality processes are developed over time. As employees use their work process, they may find gaps and wastes, and these are opportunities for continuous improvement. Teams will naturally follow robust processes without gaps and wastes, because robust processes fit the work needed to achieve their goal. 

3. Engaged Employees Thrive in Their Roles

Passionate employees understand their role, and perform their work with pride and care. Engaged employees and process improvement can act as a flywheel. Improving processes in action engages employees, because this enforces the process as the tool to achieve their goals. Achieving goals further engages the team, and furthers their commitment to the quality process. Engaged employees meet quality expectations by knowing and thriving in their roles. They push to achieve results. 

4. Commitment to Quality Fuels Results

Our commitment to quality shines through in results. Our ISO/IATF auditor observed strength in manufacturing and assembly and called out the "very clean and organized plants," with "good lighting and a safe work environment." The growth of the company is clear from recent expansion, and overall "customer satisfaction is very good." 

We passed our recent audit with flying colors and zero infractions. Are you ready to put our quality to the test? Submit your Request for Quote (RFQ) online, by phone, or by email. We are ready to meet your needs with customer first attitude and a passion for machining. New call-to-action

Brian Theisen

About the Author

Brian leads Stecker Machine's Quality Department, spearheading new product Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), as well as implementing and following ISO 9001 and IATF 19649 Quality Management Systems. He and his team complete control plans and audits, ensuring all products conform to rigorous customer specifications. Brian has worked his way up the SMC ranks from CMM Programmer to Quality Engineer to Quality Manager.

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